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    For those in K-Bay, dipnetting was HOT last night in China Poot. Creek was loaded with Reds. It seemed that everyone was getting their limits in short order (up to 4 fish per dip).

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    How hard is it to get back there with a 26 foot boat?
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    No problem. I've got a 20' cabincruiser and made it back with a +5.0 tide and always had at least 4' under. If you're not familiar with the channel, wait and follow one of the locals. The dipping should only get better. Try to get in there as close to a low tide as possible as the creek gets fished pretty hard on the high tides.

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    Default Tips for newbee

    Third Summer in Alaska, never had opportunity to dipnet, any tips, thinking of going to homer and blast over to china poot? High tide, low tide, net shape, where to leave boat (I assume just anchor and wade to dipnet area), any tips would be GREATLY appreciated, Thanks

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    Question Tips for dipnetting

    Third summer in Alaska, first chance to go, heading to china poot, any tips for dipnetting? High tide, Low tide, net type, where to anchor, ect. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks


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