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Thread: Kodiak silvers early September ?

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    Default Kodiak silvers early September ?

    Been a few years since my last trip to the Emerald Island to fish silvers (road system). Have been twice, 2009 & 10 and fished around the dates of 9/12-18th. Had good success on several of the rivers, 2010 was tough with the lack of rainfall
    Because of work would have to come more like 9/06 this year for about 7-8 days. Are there enough fish in river, excluding the Buskin to swing and strip some flies? Have been itching to get back

    Will also post this on the FF forum as well.

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    The Kodiak silver opportunity is a crapshoot that is weather dependent for the visiting angler. If the rains come and then cease during the time you plan on being there, you can do very well. On the other hand, if the weather does not fall into place on your commuter schedule, you will be disappointed. That is the way it is, based on my observations and experiences.

    I plan on returning this fall, but it will be last minute scheduling based on run input relative to weather and the window that might ocur.

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    With your timing you will be fine and there will be fish in the rivers. We went through a big time drought last summer that lasted well into Sept, and the first 2 weeks of Sept the lower rivers were still slam packed with cohos, once the rain got going it just flushed the pinks out and let the cohos spread out in the rivers, but the drought did not stop the them from coming up unless the river was dry, which there was a few smaller ones that dried up . Road system I was doing 20 fish mornings no problem in that low water, you should be fine.
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