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    Step son got drawn for this hunt. I have 22 Hewes and can get him access from the Day harbor side, but then you always have water and weather condition to come back for the pick up. I know there are accessible valleys from that side. Not much accessible terrain on the Resurrection Bay side though. Does anyone know how the goat population is by coming in from the Bear lake side and hiking in?
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    I have no information regarding the goat population, but I can offer you another option in where to go. I won this tag in 2009. I had a water taxi drop me off in Kayaker's Cove, and he had no problems getting in or out. There is a trail behind the lodge that leads up into the drainage behind the lodge. There were many goats in the area when I was there. It's steep stuff, but doable, and is a very short trip from Seward. Best of luck!


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