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Thread: Where can you clean fish at the harbor in Whittier

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    Default Where can you clean fish at the harbor in Whittier

    I this weekend I spent my second trip on PWS out of Whittier. We pulled up about 300 shrimp and caught a couple of nice halibut in the 30lb range and best of all caught the beauty of PWS. When got back we experienced the circus at the boat launch described all too many times on this site.

    After we finally got our boat on the trailer, we looked for a place to clean our fish. There was a table on the dock we could have used, but, there was no place to park while we cleaned our fish. So, we took them home and cleaned them there.

    What do you folks do? There may be ways to do this I am not aware. I am thinking we will have to start to clean them on the water. I sure don't like the mess in the boat and the extera equipment taking up space. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    We have a slip, so we don't have to deal with the parking issue, but...there is a table on the land side of C float. Usually there is room on the inside of the dock in between B and C floats to tie up. If you're quick about cleaning your fish, I don't think it would be a problem to tie up there and clean your fish.


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