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    Heimer has another article (opinion piece) in the Fbks Newsminer. Here is a link:

    As a former member of both an Advisory Committee and a Regional Advisory Council (the Fed. version of Advisory Committee) I want to highlight one of the paragraphs from this article:

    "With the department on the sidelines, the board disregarded the bulk of legally required input (Advisory Committee and public testimony), calling it “a vocal minority.” Seeking differing input, the board got the department to fund a sketchily established, special interest-driven “working group,” with a world-class international facilitator."

    Your wildlife dollars, and your input, are being absconded with by the state. Working groups are funded by, and members picked by, the Dept. There is no legal basis for these working groups. The Dept. is required by law to fund and use Advisory committees, not working groups. Commiittee members are elected by the public at committee meetings. Only ACs have the legal basis for advising the Dept and the Board.

    The BoG is meeting here in Fbks this week. We'll see if any of the work many put in to the sheep working group results in anything of notice!
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    Until a lot more people get involved, its probably not changing…….probably gonna get worse.


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