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    As many of you know my wife sews all my fur. Several years back she bought a number of ear muff frames someplace either in Anchorage or Fairbanks she played with making them a bit set them aside as she couldn't get them perfected to her standards and pulled them out every year or two and messed with them and then quit all together. Well the other day she pulled them out and a light went off before the day was done she had made up and used up all her frames. Now we can not seem to find the frames anywhere online and can't remember where we bought them. Does anybody out there know where they might be for sale we both kinda think we got them in Fairbanks when we use to go up there every winter to sell but couldn't come up with a name of the place if we tried. It may also be Anchorage but not Black Elk. Any help would be appreciated
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    My wife is no longer fur sewing, so she may have a bunch of earmuff frames she could sell you. I'll PM you the details.


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