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Thread: Do you have "COCAINE" in your FREEZER......You might, or "SNORTING" Salmon.

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    Default Do you have "COCAINE" in your FREEZER......You might, or "SNORTING" Salmon.

    Salmon Full of Cocaine and Antidepressants? Study Finds Puget Sound Fish Full of Drugs

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    um.. yum? how much would a gram ok salmon go for then? gotta start that never ending drug war on the chinook we're trying to save. ****

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    Just more proof that when it comes to human impacts EVERYTHING lives downstream.

    It's not just the raw (expired or otherwise) drugs disposed by the masses consuming common pharmaceuticals.

    In aggregate, the same folks are also $h!tting and pissing away untold amounts of unabsorbed/unmetabolized drugs and/or their pharmacologically active metabolites right into their toilets every day.

    In a sparsely populated area, $h!tting and pissing and flushing pharmaceuticals into the sewer won't amount to a hill of beans.

    But according to Google, central Puget Sound is now populated by 3.9 million folks and steadily growing. That many folks $h!tting and pissing and flushing their pharmaceuticals into the sewer will start to add up.

    Most folks have a tough time grasping the enormity of aggregate impact in densely populated areas.
    You can't introduce billions of pounds of exogenous pharmaceuticals into the population and figure it will just somehow magically vanish without working its way thru the "ecosystem" that we are all a part of.

    I'm convinced the average American patient is a hyperconsumer of unnecessary drugs.

    Less is best.
    "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
    The KeenEye MD

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    Here is something interesting America is about 6% of the world population, America consumes 80+ percent of all the worlds pain medication.

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    Well maybe this is a ploy to get the druggies out onto the water where they.....1) easier to catch for a trip to jail, 2) fall overboard and drown or 3) keep them from begging and stealing.....always good to have hope and a dream!

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