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    Planning to take the zodiac out of Seward for Silvers a little later this summer. I have a 35 hp Yamaha that is fairly old. It runs ok, but sometimes it will lose RPM for several seconds and then pick back up. I had one day it was tough to start, but put some fuel treatment in the tank and it does much better. I have been running the zodiac on some lakes, but wanted to make sure it is going to run well for taking out in the big water. Other than spark plugs what can a guy do for an outboard? Would it be worth my while to have a competent mechanic look at it before taking on the ocean? If so where would be a good place to take it? I live in Eagle River.

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    Having your motor quit on a lake is quite different than having it quit in blue water. The former is an inconvenience, the latter can mean death. Have it closely inspected and tuned-up. It'll be $100 well spent.

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    Thanks. Kind of what I was thinking.

    Can anyone recommend a good mechanic.

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    Not sure where you are located but George @ Anchorage Yamaha (Suzuki) on Spenard does a great job. Good Luck.

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    A few weeks ago my daughter and I were out on a charter off the West coast of POW island. The motor started sounding rough and then, ka-put, it died just as we were in some fairly big swells. Needless to say I was a bit concerned about using the kicker to get us back in. By God's mercy another boat showed up right behind us and took us on board.

    I found out later that the cap'n's boat was a bit of a turd and that he may put off necessary maintenance too long.

    It's too expensive to NOT have a very well running motor, no sense taking chances like that.


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