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Thread: Polaris Ace Issue, need advice

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    Question Polaris Ace Issue, need advice

    Went out to the Knik River yesterday with a friend who was on an Ace. Had the place mostly to ourselves, other that the idiots in trucks stuck nose down in Jim Creek and trying to get pulled out (saw them lined up/stuck coming and going). Absolutely gorgeous sunshine and almost no wind anywhere. A rare day. Made it easily to the glacier, had lunch, took pics and videos, then headed back.

    Now for the problem. When we made it back to Jim Creek I went across in an area with maybe 18 inches of water, but the Ace went just upstream and the rear got stuck with the front sticking up out of the water. The engine kept running, I got around front and in two minutes had him winched out. The rear though, was underwater those two minutes. We went about 100 yards and it died. I then towed it mostly back to the truck, it would run for a few minutes at a time. Had to winch it onto the trailer.

    The problem is that the air Filter box filled with water. Obviously the seals didn't work, or somehow leaving it running allowed the water to get in somehow. Question: Is there some sort of watertight fix or snorkel system being recommended for Alaska? Other than this issue, I think he really likes what the Ace can do. With his oversized Mud Lites it goes through amazing things. It could use a liitle more ground clearance, but I now there are lift kits for that. Thanks for any recommendations.
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    I'm a member over at and they may be more helpful with this specific question, worth giving it a try.

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    Snorkel it.....You will most likely find that the intakes on most of the sport SxS are way to low. Don't forget to do the clutch intake and exhaust too. I don't have an ACE (Wildcat) but I moved my engine and clutch intake to above chest level sitting in the vehicle. I figure any deeper and I needed to be getting out.


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