Hey everyone, I'll be coming back to AK in a few weeks for the summer. We produce a product called the Shell Sorter for sorting used brass, see it at www.shellsorter.com I've got room to bring a bunch up the highway with me, so if you want a set, or want to be one of our dealers, here's a chance to buy and pay no shipping! I've shipped a bunch up to buyers around the state, and shipping is expensive these days. We'll be based in Willow, and will be traveling from Fairbanks to the peninsula so I can meet up with almost anybody at some point.
The 3 piece set is priced at $39.95
The value pack includes the 380 plate and is $55.95
Our new 38 super plate is $21.95
If you want a set, please let me know pretty soon so I can bring one for you, I've got tons of room headed up so that's no problem, I just don't have a ton of room to bring stuff back at the end of the summer.