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    What is your experience with wolves at your bait sit, does it happen often, do they stick around, do they stop bears from coming in.

    The reason for asking is that for the first time last fall, I had a large pack of wolves (guess 10+) around my tree stand (10-100 yds). I never saw them but they stuck around for about 4 hours howling their head off every 20 minutes, till just about dark. I am sure they knew I was there. About 2 hours in, I saw a bear approach within 30 yards of my bait pile, stop sniffed looked around, turn around and left.

    I did enjoy the howling a lot and wish I could have recorded it.

    I left the stand a few minutes early than normal, just before dark because I was concerned that the bear would return and I would shoot it and end up gutting after dark by myself and have blood on me with them around.

    The next night I only heard then once, about a half mile+ away, I shot a bear and did not have any problems while gutting it.

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    Never been lucky enough to have wolves hit my bait. (guess they don't like dog food) brown bears are the biggest pest on the refuge

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    Had one visit last year.. didnt stick around very log

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    Never had wolves, but have seen lynx come in and sniff around.


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