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Thread: Alaska Trail Suggestions for June & Best Mode of Transport?

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    Default Alaska Trail Suggestions for June & Best Mode of Transport?

    Me and my buddy are planning to do one of the Alaska trails in June this year and have been looking at a couple around the Kalifornsky area, Clam Gulch &Captain Cook State. We were wondering, which is usually the best to travel in during the month of June and which is best suited to an ATV or off-road bike? My buddy already has an ATV but I'm in the process of getting a new ride. I was wondering too what other people enjoy riding the most on these trails as that might have a bearing on what I decide to buy? Thanks, Jay.

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    I've been recommended a Rokon by a few people. Apparently they aren't the speediest of bikes but they can handle even the trickiest of terrain at ease. The suspension is meant to be none existent on the older models but the newer models do have suspension which makes the ride more pleasurable. Anyone got any thoughts, past experience with Rokon's?

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    Did anyone have any feedback on which trail they think is best of the two I specified? Thanks.

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    I owned 3 of the older Rokons and used them a lot. Great for putting in a boat to use in your hunting area. Plan on falling over if not careful when stopping in rough uneven ground. Seems like your legs are never long enough when the front and rear tires are on high spots. Tough to ride where 4 wheelers have left ruts. They will climb steeper than they will safely come down. Nice for following game trails through the trees and brush. Handle fairly deep water right up until they try to float and then they are riding you while you are setting new world records on holding your breath under water while trying to bench press a couple hundred pounds.
    They will keep going through thick brush while you are literally being drug off the back.
    I even bought 2 more a few years after selling the first 3. A friend talked me out of them and fortunately paid cash because I am sure his wife would of canceled a check. Unloaded them at his house where he jumped on one and attempted to drive it over a log pile. Had to haul him to the hospital for a nice cast on his arm and he missed moose hunting that year. They are great machines but my Argo is much safer.


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