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Thread: Hornady bullet load data

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    Default Hornady bullet load data

    I want to work up a new load for my 30-06 using Hornady 165 grain SST bullets and IMR4350 or H4350 powder as well as a combination for my 264 Winmag using Hornady 140 grain SST bullets and the same powder if possible. The IMR powder works great in both rifles but with a Sierra 165 grain HP bullet in the 06 and a 120 grain Nosler BT in the 264. Would someone please tell me what the starting and maximum powder charges are for these bullets in each caliber? Some accompanying velocities would be nice also if you have time to write it. Thanks. I appreciate it.

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    Default Load Data...

    Well, I could just say buy a Hornady 7th edition loading manual, where in you could find the treasure you seek.

    But, I opened one of my own loading manuals, my data and notes, from my own load development. Turning to the 264 Win Mag, with dates stretching from 1980 up to 2003, I find H4350 powder and IMR-4350 used for both 120 and 140 grain bullets.

    Winchester brass and CCI-250 primers and H4350 powder.

    Hornady 140 grain sp. From a 24" 1 in 9, Shilen barrel.
    48.0 grs--2626 fps, 50.0 grs--2784 fps, 52.0 grs--2630 fps, 54.0 grs--2910 fps and a Max load of 56.0 grs gave 3012 fps.

    Nosler 120 BT.
    56.0 grs--3023 fps, 58.0 grs--3140 fps, 60.0 grs--3228 fps.

    In that same notebook I find the 30-06 and those powders with 150, 165 and 180 grain bullets.

    Winchester brass and CCI-200 primers with H4350 powder.
    Sierra 165 grain FB spitzer. From a Sako with 1 in 10, 23" bbl.
    50.0 grs--2525 fps, 54.0 grs--2707 fps, max load of 60.0 grs--2970 fps.With the Nosler 150 BT and the same powder, 60.0grs I got 3012 fps.

    With the Hornady 165 grain sp.
    50.0 grs--2505 fps, 54.0 grs--2703 fps, 56.0 grs--2767 fps, Max load 58.5 grs 2890 fps.

    There really isn't enough difference in burn rate between the IMR and H 4350's to make any difference in the loads. Just start well below max and you'll be good.

    I was surprised at my notes with the 4350's and the 264 both gave very good accuracy especially with the 120 BT and the 140 SB (old style) with heavier bullets though, it is just too fast.

    I'd say to load those two calibers with one powder, H4350 would be a very good choice, it is my powder of choice for every bullet from 150 to 200 grains in the old '06.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.

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    Default 30-06

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    No experience with the 264WM but the 30-06 a bit. I like 4350 in the 06 with bullets in the 165,168 & 180 range. The other common powders worth a try as second choices would be IMR 4895 and 4064. One of the old stand-by powders for the 30-06 has been 4320 but never had much luck with it in the 06. Some of my most accurate loads have been with IMR 4895 and 4064 but they're a touch on the fast side for max velocity with the heavier bullets of 168-180 gr.
    Kinda depends on your goal.


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