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Thread: Fish Preservation Prior to Mounting

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    Default Fish Preservation Prior to Mounting

    I have begun my search for a humongous pike! I want to mount it afterwards. Can any of you tell me what I need to do to preserve the fish so that it makes a great looking mount. BTW, what is the going price per inch these days?


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    Carry a camera, photos, photos, photos. Take a bunch of measurements, the skin can be stretched a bit during removal. One side of the fish is bound to look a bit better than the other, do what you can to protect that side, wet towels, wrap the fish, and freeze it. I had a 48" , 27 lb 10 oz pike pike done about 10 years ago. The taxidermist is no longer doing fish, but he was an artist. It is all about the paint and finish.

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    I would look into a reproduction vs a skin mount. It will last longer and they have to paint the skin anyway.

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    Take lots of pictures and measurements immediately after the catch. Then eat the pike and have a replica made. They are easier to care for and age much better than a skin mount.

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    Take pictures and measurements. I'm not a fan of big pike so they all go back. Then get a hold of this guy, he is amazing with reproduction fish. The reason taxidermists went to reproduction mounts back in the 80s is because fish have so much oil in the skin and especially the head area, you can never get it all out and eventually, might be 10-20 years later, it will go bad. A reproduction mount will last forever because it is fiberglass and paint.
    I'm amazed there are still guys doing skin mounts.

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    We are $20. an Inch on Pike.

    If you MUST have a skin mount, Take a picture right out of the water of the fish.

    I don't want to see the fisherman Just ALL fish in the photo.

    I take my reference pictures in stages of 3 , Head, Middle of fish & Tail .

    If the fish cant be brought right in , Get the skin WET, then put in a plastic bag. Try to get as much air out of the bag as possible , then roll the bag around the fish, & get it right in the Freezer.

    It will keep like this for a couple weeks without any Freeze dry in the fins.

    We do Both Replicas & Skin mounts.

    Some folks do not want it if it isn't THEIR fish.

    Some folks Do Not kill Fish & do all repros.

    I am currently mounting a 350 lb Salmon Shark with the real skin . It can be done IF DONE RIGHT.

    The taxidermy industry has become Lazy if you will with the Snap together Taxidermy parts so they dont have as much Skin to mess with.

    Artifitial noses, Preset Eyes, Cast Mouth details, Repro fins, Repro Velvet, Pre made Bases.

    Some day I suppose there will be artifitial Fur & hair for all animals so then we wont need to shoot any animal , We just buy the parts from McKinsey & assemble it,

    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks
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    Custom Taxidermy, Experience the difference !!

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