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    howdy all,today i bought a 22 mag pistol thought it would be a plinker but its has a little kick would it be a good gun to pack in the plane need input.thanks tcraft driver n43643

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    Better than nothing if that's all you have. Personally, I'd rather carry something a bit heftier like a 44mag, but the 22 mag will get you some food if you ever found yourself in a true survival situation.

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    For a all over weapon look at a drilling, it comes from the early war era my grand father has one. Its a 16 guage side by side with a rifle barrel underneath ,the most popular versions are 12 gauges of the 3 barrel configuration. It was originaly given to all the pilots as a survival gun. dont remember what the calibur of the bullet is but the caseing seamed quite large. the one draw back is the cost is around 3000.00 makeing it totaly out of the question, but if you have a chance to see one you will be quit amazed especially how the rear site pops up (very cool piece of history)

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    I carry different heavy caliber firearms depending on the season and where I am flying. No use worrying about bears in the dead of winter.
    Besides that, I have NEVER been bothered by bears, that I did not bother first.

    I ALWAYS, carry a little S&W Air-lite eight-shot 22 in my survival/float vest pocket with 100 rounds of CCI Stingers. It has a 3 inch barrel and the original type adjustable sights, not the plastic type.
    I can nail a duck, goose, beaver, muskrat, porcupine, fish in shallow water or other small critter out to 25 yards and it is ALWAYS there.
    It is so light that it will not hold me down while swiming away from a sinking planewreck on a remote mountain lake. The same for snow-shoeing out of the mountains.

    If worse comes to worse, I can shoot at something that is out of season and a fish cop will jump out of the bushes and take me to a nice warm jail.
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