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Thread: DM920 / Moose (Archery) / Dalton Highway

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    Default DM920 / Moose (Archery) / Dalton Highway

    I've been searching the threads and the world wide web for information on this hunt. Any information, links, experiences, etc. you are willing to share about this hunt would be appreciated. We are also thinking about looking for some caribou up there as well (archery). Feel free to message me as well. Thank you for your time.

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    This is mostly seen as a "road" hunt. If memory is working, this is the area north of Coldfoot to the base of the Brooks Range. There are less rivers than the more popular DM922 area, but still lots of opportunities. I had 922 two years ago and there were at least six bulls illegally taken by out-of-Staters that were mainly using guns. The archery folks banded together and immediately turned in the bad guys. Fish and Game also has trailcams set up in areas where poaching is likely. The F & G guy came to my camp, and we spent almost a hour talking, a really nice guy. Make sure you have all your required tags on you, I also use my phone to take pictures of them all so I have that as a back up :-) A very enjoyable hunt overall. There will be a numbe of early that are successful, but the later into the season, the closer to the rut, so "calling" gets better and better by the end of the month. Being close to Coldfoot, you have a great place to get warm, have good food, and access to a phone if you need one. I would do these two hunts every year if I could"draw" them.
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    I like to use google to search the site, works real well for me. I drew 920 as well! plan is to head up around the 15th and stay through the end of the season call some glass some... we'll see how it goes.


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