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Thread: sonar/gps mapping

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    Default sonar/gps mapping

    My new boat has an old (early 2000's) Garmin w gps and humminbird 3d sonar units on it. I am looking to upgrade/update to a new single unit. I have alot of experience with Lowrance units on my walleye boat back in the lower 48, and am a bit partial to them.

    The question I have is this. For Alaskan waters, primarily inshore lakes and rivers, what brand have you all found to have the best/most maps available for this state?

    Thank you in advance


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    I really liked my Garmin Chart Plotter, both for ease of use as well as the detail of the maps. I had a lower end model and added the blue chart chip for the better map detail. When we replaced our boat we went with the same brand but larger with the built in wireless and NEMA connectivity. The wireless lets you see and control the GPS from your phone or iPad, which is convenient on a larger boat. I have not used a lowrance, but I have used furuno. I'm sure they all have a learning curve, and once you get used to it that might be your preference. Be careful on some brands as the interface is not uniform among all their models.


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