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Thread: Bait Stations with "CURTAINS and/or DRAPES" Are out of style, need Blinds

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    Default Bait Stations with "CURTAINS and/or DRAPES" Are out of style, need Blinds

    On the Walk'about today, found a very nice Bait Station/Treehouse.........with only one bedroom and very dated curtains on the first floor. Comes with installed bait barrel, ladder, and custom sled for hauling groceries.

    I really think camo drapes are tacky, solid color curtains are what is hip for 2016. A nice flat earth tone is quite nice.

    Looks like that same small black bear was there this weekend.

    Easy access and "LESS" than one mile from a home with two young boys who like to play in the yard.
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    Maybe an anonymous call to the tip line is in order here?
    I doubt posting here will effect the offender.
    But calling it in might!

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