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    Decided for no particular reason to buy the handcannon S&W 460 XVR 8" barrel. The 45 long colt P rounds shot easy and grouped well at 10 yards. The 454 Casull rounds were a lot more stout in the recoil area but still grouped so-so for me. Then I decided to up my game and fire the hunting 200 grain 460 round. Fired 7 shots and got only 4 on paper at 25 yards. Will need a bit of practice with this round. Significant recoil but manageable. Looking to up the optics to maybe a Leupold red dot.
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    I shoot a S&W .460 and absoluetely love it. I have the 14" barrell and a burris scope. With the factory 200gr. loads, and a rest, I can shoot consistent 5" groups at 150 yards. I can shoot out to 200 yards if I have a really good rest. The .460 is a great hunting pistol. If it wasn't so heavy, it would be absolutely perfect. I'm going to use this for moose in 2017. So far its only taken whitetail deer and black bears, but I feel pretty good about using it for a moose inside of 100 yards.

    The .454 loads do not group very well in my gun, but the .45 colt loads are not too bad at 50 yards.

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    It is a hand canon and I am not man enough for it and salute those that are. I would keep my thumb away from the barrel cylinder gap. An internet search will show you why, it looks like open heart surgery!


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