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Thread: Deshka/Little Su Reports please

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    Smile Deshka/Little Su Reports please

    So has anyone been to either river last night or today? Where about on the river were you? Feel free to PM me. Trying to decide which one to go to tonight. Thanks!

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    Thumbs up Little Su & Deshka

    The Little Su is slowing down, The water has dropped and become very clear, I can see the kings in the holes and therefore they can see me. The fishing comes to a standstill when the sun comes up. They are also getting very red and I have only seen a few fresh fish in the holes. We caught two yesterday one was firm with good meat the other was soft with very light meat.
    I have talked with other guides and the Deshka has been fair to good the last two days.
    I post a fishing report at

    Good luck


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