Minox 8-14x40 Super Show Demo Deal

It appears, at a recent trade show, Minox made an error and sent 15 of the BD 8-14x40 BR ED ASPH Vario Binoculars when they would normally send 2 or 3. Standard proceedure for any goods that leave the warehouse to go to a show is the serial #'s are recorded and re-issued as Show Samples. This being the case Minox really had no choice but to leave them classified as Show Samples.
Their error can be your gain.
These, never even unpacked, BD 8-14x40 BR ED ASPH Vario Binoculars are only $649.99 while the supply lasts. This unit normally sells for $950.00 new. I could not pass up the opportunity to buy these, totally as new binoculars, from Minox in order to pass this offer on to those of you that have supported us. Please feel free to call us or go to http://www.cameralandny.com/optics/minox.pl?page=62145 to place an order.