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    Folks,If you have experience fishing any of the following lakes, I would love to hear about it - PM or open forum. Im interested in species, success rate, etc.

    Shell Lake
    Hewitt Lake
    Towhead Lake
    Whiskey Lake
    Neil Lake
    Unnamed Lake 18mi NW of Skwentna (62 5'59.20"N 151 45'38.43W)

    Im looking to purchase a piece of land, and I have found several promising parcels. My decision is coming down to quality of fishing at the locations.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I know these lakes fairly well.
    Shell lake has salmon runs and deep enough water to hold both pike and lake trout.
    Hewitt lake is not as deep but still has salmon runs and pike.
    Towhead I believe is just pike.
    Whiskey lake gets a few salmon, mostly pike there.
    Neil lake is pike, but has great access to the Deshka River which has good king and coho salmon runs. Also rainbows.

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    And if it weren't for all the pike we would have lots more salmon.
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