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    New to the forum. I just got drawn for DS134 in upper eagle river. I've done some crazy goat hunting in kodiak, I've never gone for sheep though. Any advise on the area would be greatly appreciated. I have all the gear, but I've never been in the chugach range. Thanks.
    I tried to search for other threads, but all the ones I found are from 2008 or 09.

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    If it was me I would be doing a lot of scouting this summer. Best bet would be to park at the nature center and take the trail in. It is also possible to come the back way via peters creek valley trail but that's many more miles of hiking. There are sheep at the headwaters of peters creek (that's no secret) so you should find sheep in your hunt area. Let us now how you did.

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    Pretty easy to have a decent idea of what is going on in a couple weekends of looking this over. It is pretty straight forward, good luck!

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    Do you live in the Anchorage/Wasilla area? General access to the hunt area is a piece of cake. Hike right up the Crows Pass/Eagle River trail from the Eagle River Nature Center. It's been a few years since I hike the Crows Pass trail. If I remember correctly, once up the valley you're kind of tucked against the side of the mountains and and from the trail won't have views up the mountains or up the side drainage's. From that point, it turns into more of a sheep hunt with bush whacking and climbing to get up the side drainages or up to where you can glass the upper bowls.

    This is an easy area to access on the weekend during the summer to get the lay of the land.

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    No, I actually live in kodiak right now. So it won't be easy to do pre season scouting. I'm going to try and make it over there before the season though.


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