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Thread: keyed alike or combination, cable rifle lock recommendations

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    Default keyed alike or combination, cable rifle lock recommendations

    appreciate any recommendations and what to stay away from
    found nothing at anc box stores on recent trip to town

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    They all suck. Like a lot. Not trying to be a jerk, but gun locks are designed to stop kids (marginally) from accessing them. That's all. If you intend for them to protect your guns from thieves, they won't. SO, I'd avoid "gun locks" and buy a sturdy cable and a nice lock and lock them up that way.

    Watch this video to see how bad so called "gun locks" are at keep guns safe. Language is probably not work appropriate:

    The cable locks start at around 2:45. He also goes into safes.

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    I have both but when I travel to hunt I always use keyed alike and share a key with any partner usually my son so we don't get in a pickle some remote place... None of them would be fun to tackle out in the boonies without tools... I don't care for the cables as you have to leave the bolts open and that's a bit of a hassle...
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    thanks for the replies.
    looking for kid safety vs theft protection.
    live rural and shipping a decent gun safe is not practical.
    seen a couple of the videos that describe what mobius speaks to. I
    had hoped there was something out there i was missing in the way of
    good combo/keyed alike systems that would be kid safe for multiple long guns.


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