Hi folks,

We're getting a ton of new folks joining the forums, and I wanted to pop a note in here concerning private messaging in the forums. We've had some inquiries.

Private messaging is disabled for new members, because we don't generally want folks joining just to take a jab at someone (yes, it sometimes happens). So we want to see some positive contributions from you before we open the gate.

For those of you who won a drawing permit (congrats, by the way), you might find the private message function is a great tool to juice the details out of past permit holders here in the forums. Lots of hunters are happy to help fellow permit holders, but they don't want to spill the beans in the forums themselves. Just a tip-

That said, our Supporting Member program opens that gate for you. Your monetary contribution to the site helps us keep the electric bill paid, and folks who would sign up are not generally the kind we're concerned about. So I guess this is a shameless plug for the membership program. You should have received sign-up instructions when you joined, but if not, visit THIS LINK for the details.

Welcome aboard, and have fun!