Great older utility machine for ice fishing or a trip to the cabin. I got the sled a few years ago and subsequently pulled the suspension to change all the bearings in the good idler wheels, replaced the bad idler wheels with new wheels, replaced the bearings in the jack shaft, drive shaft and in the transmission, put on a 1 ĹĒ paddle track from a summit and replaced the original metal skis and skins with plastic skis from a summit and a new tall windscreen. I doubt Iíve put 50 miles on it after going through everything. This generation of chassis didnít turn worth a darn with the original skis and skins but digs in nicely with the newer skis. Reverse transmission. Previous owner rebuilt the engine and it runs strong but I donít know the details on the rebuild. Includes the original track. Includes two spare belts, shovel and some misc. tools.