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Thread: Where is DI-214 and how do I access, do I need a guide......???

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    Default Where is DI-214 and how do I access, do I need a guide......???

    If you draw DI-214 (Or any draw permit) suggest you start with the search tool on the forum. Also if you start a thread asking for information about the permit that you have drawn.......please include the general location for that permit, so we in an effort to help you, are not needing to research that permit numbers location, as some of us predate the draw permit system.

    Thank you, and congratulations on your draw.

    A very nice DI-214 harvest.

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    Google the Tag number followed by "" one of the best ways to find info on a tag!

    Also if you're going to ask make sure to give the tag number and description like I drew DM920 haul road moose north of Coldfoot. people then know what tag your thinking about and are more willing to help you out! I would also wait a week for people to calm down after not getting drawn.
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