So it recently came to my attention that the Unit 4 Brown Bear hunting has now gone to a draw for non-residents hunting with next of kin. Cool part is they are giving out a whole 7 tags for the fall and spring seasons!! Yep, 7 whole tags. Having hunted there a bit it is a quite troubling when you see the mother ship guide boats running a half dozen or more folks each week in every large bay. I've had little positive interaction during my hunts with these folks though I do understand when someone pays 25k they do hate to see my little orange boat come roaring into "their" bay.

Basically once again my issue is if they do go to these type of draws, everyone should come out of the same pool of tags. Guided/next of kin non residents, etc. I do realize they are on a strict quota (guides) I'd be interested if anyone knew the amount of tags they are awarded compared to the 7 for family members. I may be off base and won't get my feelings hurt if you want to tell me I'm an idiot for looking at it this way.

Though there are few large headed bears in SE, it is a great, fun, easy hunt for brown bear. Book your trip now to take your family in 2016! I've never taken any next of kin but I know a lot of folks who do/did. Sadly it is a thing of the past.

I'll be there the first week of May again, feel free to say hi.