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Thread: Public meetings in Fairbanks/Nenana/North Pole on invasive weed Elodea

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    Default Public meetings in Fairbanks/Nenana/North Pole on invasive weed Elodea

    Public meetings will be held on Elodea in Interior Alaska in the following locations:

    March 7 Fairbanks at 12-2 pm, Fairbanks City Hall
    March 7 Nenana at 6-8 pm, Dementieff Tribal Hall
    March 8 North Pole at 6-8 pm, North Pole City Hall

    Elodea is an invasive plant that has infested Chena Slough, Chena Lake, parts of the Chena River, and Totchaket Slough, downstream of Nenana. Learn more about the problem, how it could impact the fish in our waters, and how Alaskans are trying to solve it at a public meeting on March 7th. Experts from the state and outside will present on the invasive aquatic weed. Options discussed include ceasing to monitor & control Elodea, continuing manual control or herbicide treatment. Public questions and comment are vital part of this process.

    For more information, please contact Aditi Shenoy, Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District at or 907-479-1213 ext 104 or visit our website:

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    Thank You for posting this !
    We have this problem in the Mat valley, as well.
    "Punish the monkey - let the organ grinder go" - Mark Knopfler

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    Additionally, public comment for the AK Dept of Environmental Conservation Pesticide Use Permit for controlling Elodea in Interior is now open, until March 7th. The permit and details on how to comment can be found here: (second permit, scroll down)


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