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    Just left Sheep Creek at 0530. Really slow fishing, we were there for the opener and saw 6 fish taken total. We were fortunate enough to get one of them. Not sure where I'm headed when I wake up later today. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I wouldn't give up on sheep creek yet. I fished the mouth from 12-6 this morning and saw probably 20 or more fish pulled out. Two over 50. Neither had a derby ticket. Combat fishing there was enough form me to leave for good. The creek is filled with salmon right now. I caught a nice 31 pound female upriver at 8:30 this morning. Go away from the people and boats and your bound to have good luck. I would just like to say to people that fish sheep. Have some common courtesy. If people are already lined up with a reasonable space between them. Go fish elsewhere. People are so rude. That is why I quit fishing ship this year. Good luck and fish on. I am resting up to head back for another fish up there tomorrow.


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