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Thread: Steese Hwy Beaver Ponds

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    Default Steese Hwy Beaver Ponds

    Hey all,

    Just went out the Steese and CHSR yesterday stopping at all the road accessible ponds and walking the Chatanika and Chena a bit for beaver lodges. Saw lots of old huts and a few active ones. Out the Steese there we saw a couple huts with active sets and went on our way, but at one of the ponds right on top of an active hut I saw an ATA sign that said it was an active trap line blah blah blah, but nowhere did we see any sets. I'm just wondering what the "rules" are as to claiming a spot about 200 yards off of a highway and not even setting on it. Do people expect others to really not set there just because someone else plans to set there?


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    ATA doesn't place signs like that.

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    Perhaps they're letting the population rebound?

    Maybe the trapper moved on and failed to remove his sign?

    If it were myself, I'd keep an eye on it the rest of the winter. If nobody shows, next season is game on.
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    Maybe they already took a beaver or two from there and as others have said are letting it rest for the remainder of this season.
    I would respect the sign and move on if it were me.
    If everybody kept their sets out there all winter would there be any beavers left within walking distance of any road?
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