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    We are having a meeting this afternoon at my place with several neighbors attending. Bonfire, moose stew, adult beverages.
    This is something we have been discussing for a while. The earthquake added a little more urgency to it.
    This is just something for the folks within a few block area in our sparsely populated, rural subdivision. It started out being intended to discuss wild fire preparedness among our group with talk of just generally looking out for each other. Likely touch on crime a little.
    One thing we will talk about for sure, is the fact that my Elder neighbor's wife is invalid. in the event of a catastrophe where immediate evacuation is necessary, we will have a plan to quickly get her out. The fire department will likely be over whelmed.
    Contact information for everyone will be shared. Home number, cell number, work number including the place of work.
    I already know that most of my neighbors have whole house generator systems in place. That is extremely important in the event of a forest fire, as hea will likely cut power as they did in Kenai Keys last spring. We are pretty much fire wise around here, but wouldn't it suck to not even have a hose to put out a tiny fire started on your house by blowing embers merely because you had no electricity to pump water. i want my neighbors to know where my hose bibsare, and be aware that all summer the hoses are hooked up and only need to turn the faucet on. Even if it's just to get the sprinklers going while they return to their own home to do their own protection.
    My next door neighbor has hand outs he will be sharing, as he is already part of a group that is actively working on disaster preparedness.
    Just thought I would toss this out there, and maybe encourage others to do something similar. Just sharing ideas with each other could be huge. It will certainly be of comfort to me to know my neighbors have a plan, and are substantially prepared to take care of themselves and perhaps even help others.
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    Another thing that you can do is have every one draw a diagram of their house/cabin showing where important things are located such as gas shut off hose bibs and things like that . Also contact the troopers and see if they can have someone stop by and touch on Neighbor Hood Watch. It looks like you have a good plan under way .You would be surprised when you get every one together the ideas that come out. Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeRoss View Post
    ....but wouldn't it suck to not even have a hose to put out a tiny fire started on your house by blowing embers merely because you had no electricity to pump water.....
    Yes it would. When that first big fire in the Hills was coming my way out in Kasilof, many friends of mine were calling and saying they were ready to help. All I could think of is how a generator would be something I really would need. I STILL need one....

    Good idea on the meeting...
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    Smoke, How did your get together go?Any new thoughts come up that you had not thought about ?


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