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Thread: kodaik small game

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    Default kodaik small game

    I am from POW where there is virtually no small game to hunt and am moving to Kodiak and wondering what small game there is too hunt there?

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    Default fox?

    I have been deer hunting on kodiak twice and each time I have seen several large fox. There is also a large amount of cross and silvers there. I have also heard of pleantiful ptarmigan in the higher elevation areas but I have not personally seen them.

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    Snowshoe hares are in the upswing in their cycle. Should be good this year and better and better for the next couple of years. Rock and willow ptarmigan up high on the road system, closer to sea level as you go south along the island. Lots of sea ducks and sometimes fair mallards, wigeon, gadwall and greenwings.


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