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Thread: Bear hide ruined

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    Default Bear hide ruined

    Have a bear hide which was a premo late October coastal Brown Bear. Very lovely long hair on it. Was well taken care of in the field, salted proper, drained proper, fleshed, weather was nice and cool.

    Needless to say it did not return in good shape at all. I would say it looks more like a late spring bear after it has been all rubbed up on one side. Legs are fine, head is fine, one side is "ok" and one side is just rubbed looking.

    I took care of this hide just as I did two prior bears, and both of those bears turned out absolutely wonderful with lush thick hair, just as they were when they were initially taken on the hunt. One of said bears which turned out so good, we were even out in the field longer than we wanted due to being weathered in. So I know it's not me or how I cared for the hide.

    The Taxidermist sent the hide out of state, which I know is commonly done, but what jerks my chain is having such a nice bear hide turn out poorly. As a hunter and sportsman, it also makes you feel bad that you even took the animal in the first place because it totally ruins the representation of that animal. My feelings are such because it's my first Brown Bear taken on a hunt and it was a fine large bear for the area it came from.

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on other taxidermy services?

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    Did the Fur Slip off >>>> ( If slipped there will be No fur just Leather ), or did the hairs get Cut off.

    Even when I did send skins to a tannery , I have never had one shave off the hairs on a whole side of an animal.

    I have had em hit the fur side with the round knife in several spots on a couple Mountain Lions >> ( Thank You Wildlife Gallery), which cuts the crap out of spots on the fur side.

    I am just wondering if you got YOUR skin back??????

    If you know for a Fact & have photos showing the side that is " Rubbed" had full fur before it was handed over to the taxidermist, I would be having a Serious sit down with That person.

    Tanneries Constantly Loose, Misplace, or Send someone else the skins that taxidermists send them.

    They Email me All the time looking for a Replacement skin.

    Mostly because the skin was Not Marked Properly with the Taxidermists Customer # in the skin. Tags get cut off & sometimes Even the # punch holes get cut leaving them unreadable.

    No excuse if they are Paying attention .

    I even had a tannery send me a Elk flat skin with my order.

    I called them & they said to go ahead & keep it because the customer would have already had one replaced. ( I had Bears & Mtn Lions >> NOT ELK )

    I have been doing my own tanning since 1996 & have seen EVERYTHING you can do to a skin.

    If you can, Take a Close up photo of the Damaged area & email it to me.

    I will bet I can tell you what happened to That skin. Then you can take it up with Your taxidermist.

    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks

    Custom Taxidermy, Experience the difference !!

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    All is not lost, I had a similar thing happen with a brown bear had a great shoulder mount done that big pumpkin head is impressive.


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