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Thread: 26' C-Dory projects

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    Spent a few days last week on a 26' I/O powered C-Dory upgrading and adding a few things:
    1. Toyo diesel heater, older model but refurbished and works great, pretty easy install as the Toyo has no external fuel pump or separate wiring, it's all hard wired into the heater itself. Used Espar 3" ducting to 2 vents, one under the sink to heat the cabin and another into the v berth via a closable & directional vent (these aren't cheap but worth the cost).
    2. LED decklight
    3. LED v berth light, nav & mast lights
    4. Windshield fan
    All in all a fun project. MGH55 is building a replacing the old waterlogged wood and glass doghouse with a lightweight foam/glass version.

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    Nice project, I have heard good things about the Toyos, shame they quit making them, are they gravity feed?
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    Nope they have a pulse fuel pump in the unit. Pretty easy install as everything is hard wired. It works great, but yeah they're not being made anymore and parts are thin to none. They are really quiet and efficient. A bit bulky compared to the Espars & Planars. The client got this one as a give-away I believe and had Central Plumbing in Anc go over it so he's into it for not a lot of moolah.
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