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Thread: Shulin Lake / Peters Creek fishing ?

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    Default Shulin Lake / Peters Creek fishing ?

    Has anyone fished Peters creek off the kahiltna lately for kings. Need to know if it would be worth the $ to go over for a day trip only.

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    I walked in one year, from the Petersville rd campground at the end, in a total downpour and caught a 65 pound King...its on my wall now. Havent been in there for many years, mainly because it can get pretty hairy with bears as the trail is narrow with high grass on either side. Have seen several bears there and a few steaming piles of poo on the trail that were as big as my arm. Makes you wonder how far away they are if it's still steaming? Anyway, I remember 2 nice holes about a mile down stream from the campground; not sure if they are still there today though! From 1993-2000, it was a favorite place of mine, but again, not sure what it's like these days. If you go, best of luck, and post a reply or PM me on what you see and how you do.


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    Default Peters

    FishnMan, I believe he is talking about flying in to Shulin lake and fishing for kings where it is legal to fish 'em. From where your talking about it would've been a 20 mile walk to fish legal king water. Just a heads up for the future.

    To answer your question AKmarmot, the 4th is generally a great time to be at the mouth. Been there several times this time of year.
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    Default peters creek

    We just arrived here from WI yesterday Have a rental cabin on Oberg Rd.
    Were here last yr also but did not try fishing anywhere on Peters Creek.
    Not knowing our way around this area for fishing we'll have to get more information. It was all Jim Creek last yr in Aug. My husband is anxious to get to the fishing. He is thinking about going to the Kenai next week maybe. We are always looking for suggestions. Heard from someone today the Kings & Reds were in Ship Creek. They saw 3 big Kings pulled out in a short time.


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