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Thread: China Road state cabin access

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    Default China Road state cabin access

    I'm trying to find information about accessing the state cabins along Chena Hot Springs road with my F250 & 18' trailer. I want to cabin camp and access the trails with my 6x6's (Ranger & Sportsman).

    Do I have room to maneuver my F250 & an 18' car hauler? (F250 w/truck camper, super hitch & trailer is nearly 50' long.) Am I going to be able to load/unload my trailer at/near the cabin? Can I turn around with my trailer, etc...?

    I've tried to search images of the North Fork/Chena River & Hunt Memorial cabin areas and all I can find is pics/images of the actual cabins, NOT the parking/unloading situation. (The youtube vids were no use.)

    Anyone have any info? Can I do this with my 250 & trailer?

    Thanks for the help,


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    I can only speak of the chena river cabin... you'll have plenty of room. I had my 34 foot rv in there without issue.

    Bring your grayling gear!
    I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.


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