Hi folks,

A while back, some of you had some AOD flags made for your boats. I was recently contacted by the company that produced those flags, asking if "we" wanted to order some more. Our company was not involved in that original order, and I'm not sure I want to carry those in the store at this point. They're selling them for $19.50, and with our markup, I'm not sure we'd get a lot of takers. Soooo... if you folks want to take this up again, here's the info. If I might make a suggestion, I would say to consider finding a point person to collect the funds, and place the order, with a deadline of, say, March 1st or something. You could make it a recurring thing if you like, and I can stick this thread at the top if there is enough interest. Let me know.

Here's the info:

North Flags; Pam Starks
1 (973) 770-3700
1 (800) 473-5247
501 Camino De La Reina Suite 917
San Diego, CA 92108

12x18 flag (see image) Price breaks:


U/V inhibitor: Prevents fading
Polyurethane coating: protects and seals threads
Separate binding: Applied to the edges to increase longevity
Material: 400 D Nylon
Size: 12" x 18"
View: Single reverse
Method: Appliqued
Colors: Silver (PMS 427), Deep Blue (PMS 072), OG Red (PMS 1805)
Finish: Header, grommets & reinforced fly end

Customer #: NORFLG

Here is the flag that you folks ordered. As far as AOS is concerned, there is no problem with this representation. If you would like to use our logo, that would be fine as well. Up to you!