So, I finally had some time to get out and ride a bit. Went to the old staple of Bird Creek to ride. IT IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER! The signs said it was closed because of lack of snow and the atv's will damage the trail. HUH?? I stopped by the Ranger office and it was closed due to staffing issues. HUH?? I called the phone number that was hanging on the door to talk to them. They said the same thing in that due to the lack of snow, it was closed. I asked how is this happening now and it has never been closed before. She checked the website and it still shows it being open. I asked the obviously stupid question of how will the snow protect the trail this summer?? And the fact that the trail is frozen now and very little damage, if any, happens on frozen ground. She stammered a bit and offered to give me information to the higher ups. She called me about 30 minutes later with some more information saying there had been some run ins with some idiots and people (non wheeler people) were complaining. Hmmmm, which is it?? So I called the president of the park and left of message for him to call me back. No call yet. Does anyone else have any intel on what is ACTUALLY happening down there? I really am a little pissed. There are 2 trails in all of Chugach where we can ride. Eklutna is only sun-wed but is closed through the winter now. Bird is a nice ride that is close to town and now I question what is actually happening. Eagle River ATV club, are you aware of this?? Mike Erickson are you still around??

Now I know Bird is always closed in the winter to sleds when there isn't enough snow. But I have never seen it closed to atv's. The trails are 95% rock based. Ranger Tom Crocket closed all the trails that had any mud in them. He also took out the bridges saying they were going to replace them. That was about 8 years ago. Still no new bridges.