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Thread: Splicing House Logs

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    Default Splicing House Logs

    What is every-ones preferred method to make a 24' run with only 20' logs?
    I have seen them done numerous ways.
    Splicing top to bottom.
    Side to side
    Butting them up and using a bolt between them.


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    This is the way I did my butt joints, I would cut lay them out with the ends touching then run the chainsaw down between the ends so they were cut even and would butt tight. Then I would pull them apart and put some urethane foam insulation from the can on one end and butt them tight again. I then would run a log screw diagonally each way from end of on log to the other. At this point I would take a 1.5 in drill bit and run down into the butt joint through the logs into the one below a couple inches. Spray a little foam in the hole and drive a 1.5 inch dowel down the hole. I found this make a nice air tight joint as well as keeping the logs from moving and twisting.

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    Back in the day when I was on a crew building cabins in Fairbanks with three-sided logs, we just did a simple version of logman's method. The log will proportionally shrink the least along its length. As long as the joint doesn't need to be structural, a butt joint will work fine. If you need a structural joint, you can do an internet search for timber and scarf joint to see how many creative ways there are to meet your length requirement.


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