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Thread: PR 49: major field repair

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    Default PR 49: major field repair

    A few folks have asked for a video of how to repair a major tube rupture.

    here's one way!

    This was a generation 1 model (before HD strip and full seams were implemented. We haven't experience blow out like this since (video from 2 years ago).


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    I always have a handful or so of the rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl) swabs along. The ones that are individually packaged. Great for cleaning repair areas as well as 1st aid. Good emergency fire starter as well.
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    Good video Larry, thanks.

    When that tube ruptured, did you end up going in the river with your gear, or were you close enough to shore to pull out quickly?

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    a little of both. I was in a shallow rapids with a soft sideline when i the tube hit a sharp sleeper as I low-sided into it...the side of boat decompressed instantly, and i was able to walrus flip my saggy butt and boat to shore. I got wet but not a long swim.

    This exemplifies the benefit of halving 2 air chambers. One side stays inflated and that helps in some swim scenarios.

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    Bonus on the 2 air chambers for certain. Glad you didn't go for a major swim with all your gear down the river. It didn't look like summer swimming time weather.

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    Cool video man, Thanks


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