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Thread: Kayak fishing - Seward?

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    Default Kayak fishing - Seward?

    First trip to Seward. We'll be staying at Lowell Point in Seward on Aug 16-18th and bringing the kayak. Anyone have suggestions about kayak fishing for silvers in August? Mooching w/ plug cut herring or trolling spoons? How much weight do I need to use? How far out in the bay do I need to go?


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    Try the area around Tonsina crk and Tonsina point just south of Lowell point. If the run is going hot and heavy the best technique is to simply drift off the creek mouth and cast spoons/spinners. If the fishing is on the slow side I'd troll or use a jigging spoon further off shore. Keep in mind that when trolling from a kayak you need to be rigged up for it with rod holders ect. and a big silver, plus the leverage of the rod can flip you quick!(Hope you have a good bracing stroke) The waters of Resurrection bay are normally quite calm but that can change in a hart beat so use caution. If your feeling gutsy the waters off fox island can be great rock fish fishing, but that's not a paddle for the faint of hart from Lowell point! You can also find rock fish all along the shore line anywhere there is a marked drop off.

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    Unless I have my dates messed up or the fish run is off there should be good fishing just off Lowell Point. Normally there are quite a few boats trolling in that area so I don't know how fishing from a kayak would be. I haven't done much mooching in Resurection Bay but typically I use a 2 or 3 ounce banana weight.

    As Rick stated, the water can be real nice but it can also turn. Typically the water is good in the morning and late evening. The afternoon is normally when it gets a bit rougher of course that always depends on the weather.


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