It looks like the Governor will now be faced with making three appointments to the BOF. These will be to replace Mumford, and Kluberton, and to decide whether to replace or reappoint Fritz Johnson. Even if Johnson is reappointed, there may still be considerable inexperience with UCI fisheries. I recall that those meetings are long and the management plans are quite complex. I also recall reading that Johnson was convicted of a fishing misdemeanor last season. I expect that since the Governor did not remove him from the Board because of the conviction, that he will likely reappoint him. But, will that offense cause him any problems in getting confirmed for a new term. I hope that the Governor will have a better time with these appointments than he experienced last year. And, like someone on another thread recently implied, who would want to put themselves out there for a job that can be so thankless? The governor may find it difficult to fill these spots with people who have the experience to learn and deal with complex issues and are willing to take the heat.