Basic Obedience: Instructor: Kelli Toth
Loretta French Park, Peters Creek
Every Sunday (5 classes); Sunday January 31st, 2pm
$75 includes one annual membership to the Alaska WorkingRetriever Club
This class is for retriever breeds ages 7 months and older.No prior knowledge or skills are required. Those who already have some skillsor experience are welcome to attend and get back to basics.
What you will learn: Basic obedience; Elements of asuccessful retrieve; Basic dog handling and care;
American Kennel Club rules for hunt tests and field trials;Network with to develop your training partners
Kelli Toth is a former President of the Alaska WorkingRetriever Club. She has participated both as an observer and a handler duringtwo Mike Lardy seminars. She has a retired black lab who finished two AKCMaster hunt tests, and competed at the derby and qualifying level of fieldtrials.
To Register: 907-240-6314