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Thread: 2016 Charter Regulations

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    Default 2016 Charter Regulations

    The international halibut commission had their meeting this week in Juneau and were scheduled to wrap things up today. So I imagine in the next coming days the new regulations will be released. I wanted to create this thread to talk about them (when they are released) Maybe some of you attended the meeting? I'm sure Akcapt will have good, informed input on the thought process. I was reading some of the proposed regulations were a 4 fish annual, down from 5 fish for the 3A area. Also closing Wednesday to halibut charters, I'm not sure if that's in addition to Thursday's closers or instead of Thursday's. I read something that mentioned a maximum rentention size of 60" for commercial and sport caught? Also something about barbless hooks for sport-caught, but I don't believe that was being seriously considered. I read that information from the IPHC website not just some scuttlebutt from the bars.

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    From what I read it is
    4 fish annual
    Must record on back of license
    1 fish 28" or less (If you keep 2 on a single trip)
    Wednesday closed entire year (Thursday open to fish)
    1 trip per boat a day
    1 trip per permit a day

    No actions on the 60" or barbless hooks

    I think that was all


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