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Thread: Lifesize coyote mount / ermine

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    Default Lifesize coyote mount / ermine

    Lifesize coyote mount with a dead mount ermine, coming down a rock, limb. Snow, ice, lichen, moss, water habitat. Young boy up at alpine creek lodge took this last winter. If your on the Denali hwy and want to check it out, it will be up in the lodge soon.

    i also have about 15 close up pics of the habitat. Face, etc...on my business page of the mount. Get tgeir by clicking on my signature

    and check em out.


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    Very, VERY Nice.

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    Bob can't wait to see it on the wall up here! He picked up the coyote last winter. Shot it from the lodge deck. The ermine he trapped on his trapline about 5 miles out from the lodge. I'm gonna need a bigger lodge! lol
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