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Thread: I will be up around July 9-15th

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    Default I will be up around July 9-15th

    Hey, I am new poster. Great site, BTW. I am going to be up around July 9th - 15th. I am going out on a float plane out of Juneau to the Tongass Nat'l forrest one day for fly fishing. Then I will be on my own to fish Sitka. I was wondering some of the best places to fish there. I would like to target Pink Salmon, Charr, Dollys, etc. I do all C&R.

    I was thinking of hitting Starrigavan Creek and Bay, Cascade Creek, and maybe some of the others like Sawmill Creek. I will only have one day to fish Sitka, so I want to make it a good one and will probably only be able to go to one or two spots. Any ideas on flies, etc and the best places to target. I am bringing a 4wt, 6wt, and 9wt. Wish I had an 8 wt or 7wt, but I don't. My plan is to use the smaller rods on the creeks and the 9wt will probably be used on the fly out.

    I was thinking woolly buggers, egg sucking leeches, egg patterns, Mickey Finn, Royal Wuff, woolly worm, some flesh patterns, and a few more dry patterns. Other flies worth bringing?


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    I have not fished that area in years but a bead head princess nymph is always a hit for me.
    Keep the rod tip up


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