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    Cool First Timer

    Hey ya'll, This is my first post on this site and am looking forward to getting some good feedback. I am coming up to Anchorage for about a month between July and August and am going to backpack as much of the state as possible. I was hoping to get some advice though.
    1) I will be wading mostly, what rivers should I focus on within reasonable driving distance from Anchorage?
    2) I was looking for rental cars and they seem VERY expensive for that period of time, should I just buy some crapper car when I get to town, or is there a better way to get around.
    3) I have been looking at some sublets, but with as much camping I have planned, I have been wondering if there is a less expensive housing situation. Do you know of anything?
    I am going to be checking this site quite a bit from now on and hoping to possibly meet some cool people to go fishing with as well. Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I would try a few rental places up here like rent a wreck or rent a dent etc use your comp to find out who they are.

    As far as rivers it depends on what you consider reasonable driving distance. Around 100 miles south of here is Quartz crees, crescent creek (crescent does not open untill july 1 though) and the russian river. All of those are fishable from the road and bank with lots of area to explore. Crescent creek drains out of crescent lake which is a 3.5 mile hike to the lake but has some wonderful grayling fishing on fly rods and ultra lights. There is also a forest service cabin there you can rent. Quartz creek is right along the sterling highway with lots of pullouts. The wife and I fish it all over during the summer and fall just exploring all the pools on it. We use our flyrods and also ultra light spinning rods. The about 10 miles south of the Quartz creek area is the russian river. Lots of salmon there usually from like the 3rd week of july for about 2 weeks but it also a great place to chase rainbows.

    Camping is hard at the campgrounds because they are usually reserved so far ahead. But if your tenting it with a little looking around there are lots of places to throw a tent up and enjoy your stay. Hope this Info helps you out a bit
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    Don't forget the parks hyw streams.


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