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Thread: Areas around Chitina to Camp w/RV

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    Default Areas around Chitina to Camp w/RV

    Hello. We're going to be dipnetting in Chitina this summer. We're going to take the pop-up to camp. We don't need electric (but we will use it if it is there) but the biggest issues is my wife will NOT do Porta-Potties. She's okay with an outhouse, but the self-contained fiberglass $#!thouse is out of the question for her. I'll take it, because she will otherwise do anything hunting, camping and fishing, so it's a small price to pay.

    Does anyone know of a campsite in the Chitina area (besides Kenny Lake Mercantile) that has access to at least outhouse toilets? Again, we really don't need power or a water connection, just a place to get water would do us fine. If it had a SHOWER, then I would be happy, but I can survive.


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    There is liberty falls state park campground and there is a campground by the airport in Chitna not sure if they are still operating.

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    She sounds like pretty high maintenance to be taking to Chitna
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    It depends on where you are camping. Across the bridge on the McCarthy side, there's a campground with SST's, but in my opinion they are just as bad as portapotties. Across the road on AHTNA land, there is camping on the river bank, and usually have two blue porta-potties THAT ARE THE MOST VILE THINGS YOU WILL EVER CRAP IN. Obrian creek has one too, and there are another set of SST's before you go through the giant crack. I've taken a pop-up out there on the AHTNA side, although two years ago I had to yank it across a sizable section of the Kotsina, no bueno....

    Here's a pro-tip from a pop-up trailer enthusiast who also has a high maintenance wife (she doesn't go to chitina, lol) buy her one of those mini porta-potties and throw it in the back of the truck. If she has to go, set it in the pop-up for her to do her business. Chitina ain't the place for primpin' and nice facilities. I guess you can always put your net down, pack her up, and take her to Uncle Toms tavern to do the deed.....get a beer in at least.
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    I've camped at Liberty Falls, not bad. Pretty typical state rec type site.

    Everything else- O'Brian, across the bridge, etc, a pretty rugged experience. At some point, the woods beckon loudly despite the bugs.
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