Hey Alaskans,

So I'm searching out a few different products from small game hunters and trappers (and taxidermists and fur sewers) here in AK. I'm searching for raw snowshoe hare feet (both front and back, cut off at the joint) and ptarmigan feet (cut off at the joint). I'll purchase them for $0.50 a piece. I live in rural Alaska in a village, but I'll pay USPS First Class shipping on any shipments under 15 oz, or USPS Priority shipping on any shipments over 1 lb. It's fine if the rabbit feet are stained/ dirty/ or bloody. Ptarmigan feet are fine if they're stained or dirty- but cannot have significant dried blood stains on them. I can pay via Paypal or I can buy them in person, in Anchorage, in early March. Any questions- feel free to ask. And if you have some you'd like to sell, I'd love to hear from you. I'm looking for about 400 hare feet and 200 ptarmigan feet.